Friday, February 28, 2014

Arizona Samurai Learn Hanbo (half stick).

After 2 years of training with hanbo (a 3-foot stick) and expandable police baton (ASP), seven members of the Arizona School of Traditional Karate were tested by Grandmaster Soke Hausel on February 27th, 2014 for abilities in use of this Japanese martial arts weapon for self-defense. All of the candidates demonstrated applications against unarmed and armed attackers using various blocks, strikes and throws.

Adam knees Sensei Harden after trapping his arm with hanbo
Sensei Davis traps Adam's fingers

Restraint following strike and throw by Shihan Jeff
from the Utah Shorin-Kai during training session at the Arizona Hombu
Sensei Paula traps Sensei Bill's fingers during finger restraint technique
Dropping your opponent with hanbo demonstrated by Sensei Paula (2nd dan) assisted by Sensei Bill
(3rd dan).
Restraining an attacker. Ryan restrains Justin during hanbojutsu class in Mesa.
Soke Hausel demonstrates hanbo on Dai Shihan Neal Adam at the Arizona Hombu at the border of Gilbert and Mesa.

Kyoshi Stoneking (7th dan) from Murray, Utah applies te kubi waza (wrist lock) on Sensei Juvier (2nd dan) during
hanbo clinic at the Arizona Hombu in Mesa, Arizona.

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